Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Morning all,
We have been inundated (sp, correct word?) with smoke from the bushfires, so I can only imagine how bad it is in Vic.
Further to my post yesterday, here is a list of some of the items that I am sure these ladies would appreciate. Remembering that there are 181 deaths, with many more to be notified, losses of upwards of 800 homes, many businesses, schools, shops, churches, etc and other infractstructure such as electiricty, phones, gas etc. a mamoth and long job of replacing fising etc this will take years.
Thanking you all in advance for you help and loving gestures to these people.
Please email me for my address, or just send the parcel to Lorraine Hunt c/- Parkes Post Office,NSW 2870
Love and Hugs

Now the list, remember that you can just forward something like a fat 1/4 or some needles and pins, just what you can afford, have in excess to your needs, or what you WANT to send.

mats (maybe a bit difficult)
fabrics, fat 1/4's etc
quilters muslin - for quilts and embroidery
embroidery threads etc
sewing cottons etc
other notions
quilting/craft magazines
" " books

knitting needles
crochet hooks

other craft supplies for eg scrapbooking, stamping etc

garden books/magazines
seeds, but these won't be needed for a while.

Just a list that I thought of, but please send whatever you can



joolzmac said...

Hello Chookasmum

What a lovely idea this is for the BF victims.

Another item that could be added is hand cream and body lotion to sooth their dry hands and pamper their bods.

I'll try and get a small parcel in the post today to you. Best of luck with this venture.

Cheers - Joolz in South Australia

Quirky said...

G'day Lorraine,

I've just left a message on Peg's blog saying I will be sending something. At assembly today the Principal announced that our school will be helping out schools over in Victoria. No specifics yet or a is a matter of seeing what is most needed.

Anonymous said...

I send you an e-mail, I want to help and will send a package. It's great that you're doing this.

Maree said...

This is a Great Idea...what I don't sell on my Auction I will send to you to make up parcels...

bolero said...

It is with pleasure that I would send a package of France to you, PLEASE gives me your complete address so that I can do it as fast as possible.
Thank you in advance

Marja said...

Hi Lorraine
I would like to send you some fabric from my store. If I send in 1metre lots is this ok.
Could i also have you address please.
Cheers Marja